We prepare high school girls to lead.

Young Elites exists to develop life skills through expert, year-round programming that equalizes education and provides primary preventative health care for young women.

We support and create opportunities for young women who aspire to lead, be confident, and strengthen their communities.

Young Elites is the most fun way to connect with like-minded friends, mentors, and alumni who want to see you be successful!

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Individual Participant Membership

(Need-based scholarships are available)

Young(er) Elites Girl


Individual membership for girls through grade 8; Suggested scholarship donation of $25

High School Girl


Individual membership for girls in grades 9-12; Suggested scholarship donation of $45

High School Graduate


College student carrying full course load (12+ credits); Suggested scholarship donation of $45

Community Supporter Membership

(Support Young Elites and reflect your personal accomplishments)



Name/Company name listed in Member Directory; Suggested scholarship donation of $50



Company website hyperlinked in Member Directory; Suggested scholarship donation of $75

Game Changer


Company website hyperlinked in Member Directory; Suggested scholarship donation of $100



Small Business Membership benefits at Mentor Level; Suggested scholarship donation of $200

Small Business Membership

Note: Small business membership is also a sponsorship of Young Elites, which gives your company recognition for one year.



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Young Elites Membership Offers:


  • VIP Honors (Vision Intent Purpose)
  • Live Your Life on Purpose Luncheon
  • Scholarships
  • Profiles
  • Community Nominations
  • Short Film Features


  • ELITES Squad
  • Committee Participation
  • Board Leadership
  • High School Clubs
  • Mentoring


  • E-Newsletter
  • Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Member Connection Access
  • Business Promotions

Life Skills

  • Annual Leadership Summit
  • The Connection: College & Young Career Town Hall
  • Ambassadors Meetings
  • Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Course
  • Teambuilding Challenges
  • College Consulting
  • Academic Coaching and Test Prep
  • Entrepreneurship & Fundraising Training
  • Interviewing Tips

Career Advancement

  • Partnership with Community Leaders
  • Service Hours
  • Posted Opportunities
  • Networking with Small Business Owners
  • Job, Internship, & Service Endorsements
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • References

We align with the best brands and companies, leaders in thought, family, and education, innovative organizations, as well as sports and life-coaches in our community to bring leadership training and opportunities to high school girls. Young elites is fortunate to partner with incredible organizations, including: