Through our Year-Round Events, Leadership Summit, and Ambassadors Courses, we're changing what leadership training looks like for young women.


Upcoming Events

Young Elites schedules bi-weekly leadership and life skills-building events with Partners in the community throughout the Fall & Spring semesters.
Experts in intellectual, physical, and team-building challenges lead 60-90 minute sessions that cultivate the qualities of leadership through our ELITES values: Excellence Leadership Initiative Tenacity Execution and Service.
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Through a series of seminars and workshops – intellectual, physical, and team building challenges – high school girls learn 8 essential skills: Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Fitness & Wellness, Identifying Strengths & Goal Setting, Mentorship, Professionalism, Service, and Teamwork.
Expert presenters are community leaders, business owners, local and national influencers, and global game-changers who give their time and expertise to teach young women how to LEAD: Live Excellence Achieve Dreams.


2018-2019 Applications

Young Elites Ambassadors are an inspiring group of young women who exemplify the organization’s fundamental principles in their every day lives through community involvement, self-empowerment, and an overall commitment to excellence.
Applications to be an Ambassador will be linked above SOON and will be accepted during the week of the Leadership Summit. Young women must be a Young Elites Member and have gone through at least one Leadership Summit.

Young Elites leadership training inspires intellectual, physical, & social growth.

High school girls who have gone through Young Elites are characterized as…

  • Critical thinkers
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Personally responsible

  • Active
  • Goal setters
  • Health-conscious

  • Collaborative
  • Servant-minded
  • Positive mentors

Young Elites is designed for families who want the best – opportunities, support, network, life-skills, & positive social experiences – for their daughters.

“Young Elites bears an extreme importance not only to me but also to the community as it helps cultivate young female leaders. In addition to the many leadership skills we’re taught at Young Elites, we are also taught the importance of collaboration and respect of others’ differences, thoughts, and ideas. I, along with other girls in the community, will carry the core values taught by Young Elites – excellence, leadership, initiative, tenacity, execution, and service – as we transition to college and beyond as leaders and strong female figures in our society.” Mackenzie Hanby, YE Alumni