Young Elites brings the best of the community together to support high school girls and prepare young women to be leaders.

From its first Leadership Summit in 2012, Young Elites has committed to providing corporate leadership training at the high school level. Challenging year-round and Leadership Summit sessions continually push girls in and out of their comfort zones to achieve intellectual, physical, and social growth.

Aside from its effectiveness in delivering on the promise to provide expert-led sessions hitting pressing, relevant, and important topics, Young Elites events bring amazing, like-minded girls together and starts friendships that have the foundation to last forever.

“If I had gone through Young Elites as a high school student, I would have been more confident going into college because I was a little nervous and unsure of myself as a woman. If I had this program, I would have been able to go into college leading right from the start.”Dakota Dukes, Presenter and former President of Davidson College Young Elites Student Organization


Young Elites provides expert life skills and leadership training for high school girls to inspire their intellectual, physical, and social growth.


Young Elites makes it possible for all teenage girls to be confident in themselves while preparing for a lifestyle of leadership.

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One Leader Can Change A World


Kathie Fisher | Senior VP, Bank of America
Larry Jordan | Director of Player Personnel, Hornets Sports & Entertainment
Dr. Izzy Justice | Author & Executive Coach
Allison Phillips | Attorney
Heather Roberts | Owner, E By Design
Jennifer Shiley | Founder & CEO, Young Elites
Karen Wolter | Attorney, Bringewatt & Snover Law, PLLC